Abie Owen

Abie is her name, giving you a sweet smile and some sincere words is not part of her game, it is part of who she is. Yeah, from time to time I bump into a princess online that hits the perfect spot in the perfect place. A person that is able to shiver a pulse down your spine without even touching your dick. You can watch for her hours, stay hard and not do anything and still feel a subtle enjoyment of continued pleasure in an upcoming race to a sizzling orgasm that SHE will ignite. Abie can make you sleep like a baby again. A few moments of her time, a few tokens, it's still cheaper than a Happy Meal. Am I doing a sales pitch here? Not at all, I decided as from off today to give up on that. Let them do the selling as they also do the fucking complaining about traffic when I sleep for a week.

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