Lendie Liera

So, I was halfway writing this post from the model perspective, and then after some research, I find out this woman shares her room with 2 others, but in different shifts. What the hell is this shit I thought. Who would even have the right mind to share a bedroom and mattress with 2 other squirting cunts, 'cause that is their fucking sales pitch, they are all 3 squirting on the same bed the whole fucking week, day after day. Well mind me, but that's fucking disgusting! As explained in previous postings, I have stopped being the nice guy, and just tell you how it is, and I am not regretting this at all! Fuck the smell in this room, but if you are into dirty sluts who will probably have some rash here and there, then this is JackPot for you! No mask is needed, yet... Anyway, for the owner of this room, a new name suggestion: 3 Smelly Cunts!

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