My Sweet Hobby

When I look back at 22 years of writing for cam girls from their perspectives, I start to understand why I needed a change, as from off today that view of writing is dead. And My Sweet Hobby is one of those cams that made me realize I was draining my creative mind for them, for nice stories to write so people could visit them. The bad part is, sometimes my words were too good, and I overestimated their abilities to please my visitors. I felt bad, and since today I stopped giving a fuck and throw the towel in the ring and write from my own perspective. And about this lady, it's nothing but Air. Cause I could not see for the love of God what she had to offer. The only reason I am still putting her on MY website is simple, she looks so condescending. Her looks are so ... pissing me off. And I know some guys are getting on hot being downgraded by women, so fuck me, here you go, your next mistake awaits you! And for the peace-loving hippies out here, she is from Russia, so drop the politics, I am sure she does not even own a television, so let's get her one!

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